Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide in-person or online therapy services?

Currently, all therapy sessions are conducted with a secure telehealth platform, similar to zoom.

How long does an individual therapy session last?

The standard EAP session is scheduled for 50 minutes. The standard session for private pay is 60 minutes.

How long will it take to complete immgration assessment?

Each evaluation interview is between 2-4 hours. Some cases require two interview sessions.

Is there a sliding scale?

Yes, we offer sliding scale payment options. This is only offered on a case by case review and will require approval by the clinicians.

What does LCSW stand for?

LCSW stands for licensed clinical social worker. A LCSW obtains a Master's degree from a CSWE accredited school of social work. The social worker will need to pass a national clinical exam and obtain two years of post Master's experience.

How confidential are the sessions?

Information disclosed by a patient is confidential. However by state law the therapist is required to disclose information for the following:

  • Suspected abuse or neglect of children, elderly, and vulnerable adults. This will be reported to the child protective services and law enforcement based on information provided.

  • If the therapist suspects and/or if the client discloses of self harm him/herself or harm to another person.