Psychological Evaluations

What is a Psychological Assessment?

Psychological Evaluations are specialized assessments completed by a trained mental health professional on behalf of an individual or family member currently in USCIS immigration proceedings. Once completed, these comprehensive assessments can be submitted by an attorney as additional support for an immigration case. These assessments have been known to positively impact immigration proceedings.

What does the assessment include?

Immigration assessments are used to assist USCIS in determining whether a person can legally remain in the United States. Assessments include: questions related to current legal status, description of immigration to the United States, personal and family history, current and past work history, medical and psychiatric history, and any other information found to be relevant to a person's specific case. Assessment can be completed throughout the State of Florida and our practice is equipped to provide virtual services as needed.

Who may benefit from an immigration assessment?

An immigration assessment starts with first speaking with an attorney to determine if this type of assessment would be beneficial to the case. If an attorney recommends the completion of an assessment, information related to the case and any legal concerns will be gathered and submitted to our practice. Immigration assessments have been found to be beneficial by individuals in the following type of proceedings:

  • Extreme Hardships Cases (US Citizen Based Petition)

  • Asylum Cases

  • Domestic Violence Waiver Cases (VAWA)

Why choose us?

We are a practice of two Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) located in South Florida and trained through The Immigration Evaluation Training Center. We regularly complete in-depth assessments with clients from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. We are passionate about the clients we serve and our goal is to provide an unbiased clinical assessment specific to each client's case specific needs. We ensure to provide the human touch in translating our clients words into the assessment, so that each client is seen as a whole person rather than just a piece of paper.

What is the cost?

We provide affordable options for assessments within the State of Florida including payment plans and seasonal specials. Our price is $900 per assessment which includes: initial assessment, any follow up, and an official written report. Initial assessment time can vary by person but will last approximately 2-3 hours. A completed written report will be returned within 14 days of initial assessment. A rush fee will be applied for sooner turnaround.

General Information

We are open and accepting clients virtually throughout the entire State of Florida. Due to licensing regulations we are unable to provide services to any individual currently residing abroad. Initial immigration assessments are completed by one of our therapists within 5 days of the initial consultation. Please make sure to notify our clinician if you are currently working with an attorney’s office. All evaluations are completed in a confidential environment and translation services are available if needed. We currently are able to provide translation for (Spanish and Creole). To schedule an assessment please contact us at (833) 277-7733.

We offer the following psychological immigration assessments:

  • Political Asylum Cases: Applicants applying for asylum have been exposed to mistreatment and or severe abuse in their home country. The mistreatment is often correlated with gender, political, ethinic and or religious reasons. In some cases, the individual exposed to the mistreatment will make their way to the United States, in order flee their home country and file for a political asylum claim.

  • Spousal Abuse (VAWA):In spousal cases, a spouse male or female who from a foreign country; who is married to a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States. Who experiences abuse during the marriage from the citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States, can file a VAWA petition. The abuse displayed can be displayed in various forms which include physical, sexual, verbal and or psychological. It’s essential for the therapist completing the evaluation to assess the emotional impact and the nature of the abuse.

  • Extreme and Exceptional Hardship Waivers : In an extreme hardship case, a citizen and or a legal permanent resident of the United States can apply for the immigration waiver, due to the deportation of a family member. The family member can include the following: a spouse, child, parent and or fiancee. This is a clinical in depth evaluation that is used to explain the result that a deportation would pose a hardship for the petitioner's family, if a waiver is not granted.